The Most Important Civil Rights Issues Today

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In a world where stem cell research, robotics, and space travel are commonplace, it's baffling that the civil rights issues listed below are still dominating headlines around the globe. Humanity has made incredible progress in medicine, technology, and agriculture, yet every week there's a new hashtag or protest bringing to light a violation of our most basic civil rights: political and social freedom.

From the late 1940s to the late 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement defended discrimination against African Americans as well as their right to vote. Today, we continue a similar fight that's grown in scope but still revolves around the same basic issues. Hashtags like #Blacklivesmatter, #MeToo, #Dreamers, #Bringbackourgirls, and #WomensMarch have dominated the internet, highlighting current civil rights debates and issues. Though we've made substantial progress, the current problems are just as daunting as the ones that caused sit-ins and boycotts decades ago. 

Which human rights issues are the most important to you? Civil rights in the United States vary from other country's civil issues, but this list isn't limited to issues only seen in the states. Vote up the topics you think are the biggest civil rights issues. 

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    Human Trafficking

    The criminal industry of human trafficking takes away millions of lives per year and brings in billions of dollars of revenue. Human traffic affects almost every country on the planet. Learn more here

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    Sexual Violence And Rape

    Sexual harassment and assault seem to be rampant in the workplace and college campuses across the country. Are we doing enough to protect Americans from sexual predators? 

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    Mental Health Awareness/Support

    One in five Americans are diagnosed with a mental health condition. Yet, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness and many people fear reaching out to get help. Should we be doing more to support those suffering from mental illness? 

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    Freedom Of Speech

    There are more public platforms than ever, allowing an outlet for passionate conversations and opinionated statements. How much can big businesses censor this type of conversation? When does censorship because an attack on our first amendment rights?

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    Some people think it's more relevant than ever while others think we left racial injustices back in the 20th century. What do you think?

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    Not all Americans have equal access to affordable healthcare. People with preexisting conditions and people in lower income brackets may struggle to find affordable care. 

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