The Most Important Economic Issues Today

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An economy is the lifeblood of a country. Whether you're a homeowner, a union worker, or a lawmaker, current economic issues will always directly affect your livelihood. From world issues to debates within the United States, what matters to you most in terms of the economy? 

In the past few years, America has seen an increase in job growth, yet homelessness and affordable housing are still thriving issues we're struggling to combat. Causes of poverty are still unclear. Social issues like gender inequality feed into the income gap between men and women. These and other debates continue to dominate the media. 

What are the reasons for income inequality and how do we agree, as a nation of millions, how money should be allocated? Read through this list of the biggest economic problems we face today and upvote the current financial issues you think we should be prioritizing. 

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  • Medicare Funding

    Medicare Funding

    230 votes

    Medicare has been a basic and essential program for seniors since Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill into law in 1965. Medicare and similar programs continue to face budget cuts. How high up the economy importance ladder do you think Medicare sits? 

  • Pharmaceutical Prices and Practices

    Pharmaceutical Prices and Practices

    217 votes

    With over 45% of the global pharmaceutical market found in the United States, prices and practices of major companies are of great concern. Are drug prices reasonable for the average American? 

  • Tax Reform

    Tax Reform

    203 votes

    With major changes to the tax system at hand, millions of Americans could be seeing higher tax deductions, changes to their income brackets, and shifting health insurance premiums. Where do you stand on the recent overhauls to the system? 

  • Campaign Finance Reform

    Campaign Finance Reform

    203 votes

    Is campaign financing a legitimate way for candidates to voice opinions and raise attention on important policies? Or is campaign financing further corrupting an already tenuous election system, ensuring only the wealthiest candidates win?

  • Health Care Reform

    Health Care Reform

    222 votes

    With the future of the Affordable Care Act in question, there's a lot of debate regarding healthcare and the economy. Some studies estimate 30% of healthcare spending goes towards unnecessary expenses. How much funding should the government allocate towards healthcare and how can we ensure the money is spent efficiently? 

  • Job Growth

    Job Growth

    194 votes

    The US added 313,000 new jobs in February of 2018 alone. Should we continue funneling time and resources to job growth or should we focus economic momentum on areas that need more attention?