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The Most Important Education Issues Today

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Educational issues are a hot topic of debate across America and worldwide. Our school systems are in a constant state of flux and reform, so there is never a shortage of delicate, complex issues worthy of discussion and debate. Providing solid education - from Kindergarten to college - is obviously vital for the future. A well-informed populace is necessary to move humanity forward in terms of social progress, technology, medicine, and more. This is often why education policy issues tend to trigger passionate arguments. We all have an investment in the future, and we all want children and young adults to receive the best educational opportunities possible. 

Some problems with education reflect current political issues and social issues, with problems like income inequality, gender divides, and civil rights issues bleeding into our school systems. The ongoing gun debate affects school safety. The rising cost of higher education shows the increasing class divide in America. Even though parents, students, faculty, and political parties can't agree on how to fix these current problems, we can all agree that reforms around safety, testing, and funding are necessary as we race toward a more technologically-advanced and populated economy. 

What's wrong with education programs today? Which issues need to be tackled immediately? On-campus safety issues? Bullying? Loan-forgiveness? Below is a list of issues surrounding education in America. Vote up the issues you find the most important and urgent. 

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