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Aliester Crowley

20th Century's most infamous occultist. "The Great Beast 666", The "Wickedest Man In The World", poet,mountain climber, author, and supposed black magician. Crowley is a fascinating figure.
Austin Osman Spare is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Most Important Occultists of All Time
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Spare is the father of what some call "Chaos Magick". A child prodigy who possessed amazing artistic talent...but who turned out some of the most disturbing artwork ever seen! Spare was also a practicioner of magic and the occult and is one of the few people that Crowley referred to as a "black magician". Spare was a recluse who lved alone in a nasty apartment with a bevy of housecats until the day he died in squalor in 1956. see more on Austin Osman Spare
John Dee is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Most Important Occultists of All Time
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Dr. John Dee was the Royal Astrologer to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. He was also a genius and a practicioner of the Dark Arts. Dee along with his partner Edward Kelley communicated with unseen spirits which they considered "angels" and from their practices of scrying (divination in a black mirror,crystal ball or bowl) developed "Enochian Magic"(based on the "language" they said the angelic spirits spoke which Dee coined "Enochian" after the biblical figure of Enoch). see more on John Dee