The Most In Demand Federal Jobs

This is a list of the most in demand Federal jobs, which also indicates hiring trends within the private sector. This list is comprised of the top 50 Federal occupations that have had the most postings over the past calendar year. If one is looking for just a job or even an all out career then this is the list for you. Government jobs come with plenty of perks and benefits, including fabulous health care. With unemployment as high as it is, at least the government has plenty of positions available for various fields and occupations. Good luck!

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  • 1

    Information Technology Management Specialist

    Number of Postings: 3051
  • 2

    Management and Program Analyst

    Number of Postings: 1656
  • 3

    Administration & Program Staff

    Number of Postings: 1633
  • 4

    Medical Officer

    Number of Postings: 1432