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The Most Wildly Inaccurate Biopics Of Famous Musicians And Bands

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Condensing the lives of real people into a two-hour movie often forces filmmakers to carefully edit the facts. This sometimes leads to biopics that are more of a fictionalization than an accurate portrayal. People who played a part in the protagonists' lives may be omitted, and events that shaped their beliefs or inspired their actions may be left on the cutting room floor.

These changes don't always make a biopic bad, but they can prevent it from telling the complete truth. The worst offenders change the facts completely or base their plotlines on conspiracy theories and what-ifs. Most often, biographical pictures are inaccurate simply due to the nature of making a movie.

Abridging some pieces of a person's life may be necessary to fit the constraints of a motion picture, but a good biography uses facts in a respectful manner without altering reality. Unfortunately, not every biopic succeeds.

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