The Least Accurate Movies About Historical Royals

What are the most inaccurate movies about royals? Whether depicting love affairs that never happened or covering up unsavory politics, the royal biopics on this list don't tell the full - or even the real - story about kings and queens in history.

Historians evaluate the accuracy of films in two ways: by policing the nitty-gritty historical facts that the movie depicts, and by analyzing the overall truth that the film is communicating about a person, event, or era. Historical facts often get manipulated for the sake of narrative necessity. Worse, many films are inaccurate by omission, since they leave out crucial facts that might shape how a royal is remembered. In these cases, royal biopics completely misrepresent the past.

From Shakespeare's plays to Hollywood biopics, the lives of royals throughout history have always made for compelling drama. But good movies are rarely good history lessons.