The Most Influential Actors Of 2018

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In 2018, some of the most influential people were those who work in Hollywood. With the rise of the Me Too movement and with films in general becoming more political, there are plenty of influential actors that truly made the public think this year. From breakout stars to veterans of the field, you'll find all the greatest actors of 2018 below! 

In 2018, there was a major push for diversity in film and television. Actor and writer Jordan Peele's Get Out, starring upcoming actor Daniel Kaluuya, addressed racial issues in America and proved a massive hit with critics and audiences. There has also been a big push for supporting women's rights in Hollywood. Benedict Cumberbatch made headlines for vowing to only accept roles in projects where actresses are paid equally. Many actors inspire by smashing stigma surrounding taboo topics. Stars like Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, for example, are raising awareness about mental health by being open about their struggles with anxiety and depression. 

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