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The Most Influential Contemporary Photographers

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Considering some of the most influential photographers have passed, it's the contemporary photographers that continue to push the boundaries of photography and progress the industry. In this modern era of photography, when the simplest of images can be altered and processed to become something entirely different, current photographers must adapt to the ever-changing industry. Nevertheless, the photographers to follow have established a unique vision and perspective, solidifying themselves as some of the most influential photographers right now. 

Of course, a select few of these contemporary photographers' careers span decades, yet they still bring something new to the table and set the standard for those to follow. These are names like Steve McCurry, Annie Leibovitz and Ai WeiWei. Then you have the rising photographers of just the past few decades, such as Terry Richardson, Scott Shuman, and Taryn Simon—all of which have become mainstays in modern photography. In short, these living photographers have influenced plenty, and they continue to do so today.

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