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The Most Influential Game Programmers of All Time

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The most influential game programmers of all time are the talented and visionary men and women who have developed many of the best video games ever. Each with multiple titles on their resume, these top video game programmers have brought joy to millions of gamers around the globe with their revolutionary and legendary games.

It would be easy to select earlier game programmers as among the most influential simply as they created the games that came first. Who knows how games would have evolved if not for Nolan Bushnell and Pong, Toru Iwantani and Pac-man or Alexey Pajitnov and Tetris. Each of those programmers and games, along with Shigeru Miyamoto, programmer behind classic titles like the Super Mario and Zelda series, Donkey Kong and Star Fox, among others, set the tone for which video game programmers to come could work from.

Another argument could be made that the more recent video game programmers should be seen as more influential because they took the fundamentals established by the older programmers and built newer games. Developers such as Will Wright, who developed the Sims series, Hideo Kojima, responsible for the Metal Gear series, Satoshi Tajiri, who made the Pokemon series, and Sam and Dan Houser, who developed the Grand Theft Auto series, all made their place as an influential video game developer for doing just that.

So whether these programmers created some of the first video games, the greatest RPG video games, like Hironobu Sakaguchi did with the Final Fantasy series, or just created those most addicting video games of all time, each of these programmers are easily the most influential in the world of video gaming.
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