The Most Influential People in 2018

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From Oscar winners and musicians to political figures and activists, this list compiles the most influential people of the year. The year 2018 has marked many major changes in the realms of entertainment and politics. We've watched groundbreaking films like Black Panther and Get Out change movie trends in America, listened to passionate teenage activists challenge organizations like the NRA, and have seen world leaders navigate unprecedented conflicts and natural disasters. Who was the most important person of this year? Help decide below! 

In 2018, Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper in history to win a Pulitzer Prize and Jordan Peele and Ryan Coogler broke boundaries for African American representation in cinema. However, it's not just entertainers who have proven to be important public figures this year. Donald Trump continues to play a major role worldwide as the president of the United States and Kim Jong-un has a massive impact on world events and politics as leader of North Korea. Given these tumultuous times, celebrities are sharing their perspectives more than ever, with figures like Kanye West speaking frankly about their opinions on current events.

Who had the most influence this year overall? Vote up the 2018 influential people you feel truly made a difference. Then, go see who is influencing 2019.