The Most Influential People Of 2020

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UPDATED: Check out the most influential people of 2021!

From politicians to musicians, activists, actors, billionaires, and even the occasional retiree, anybody can become one of the most influential people of the year, especially in a year like 2020. As a pandemic upended virtually every aspect of life and culture across the globe, unexpected celebrities were able to use their platforms to make a difference while familiar figures found their voices amplified.

Who was the most important person this year? That's an unexpectedly complicated question for an unexpectedly complicated year. Political leaders and titans of industry are obvious answers, but 2020 also found unexpected people exerting influence and changing the culture. Any year in which Joe Exotic becomes one of the most famous people alive while civil unrest shakes a democracy is on for books, and complicates annual inventories like Time's list of 100 influential people.