The Most Influential People Of 2022

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UPDATED: Check out the most influential people of 2023!

Who are the most influential people of 2022? The year has just started but there are already new power players in 2022. From influential actors, musicians, and athletes to politicians, scroll on below for some of the male and female role models making an impact in 2022. This list will feature current influential people, such as famous celebrity leaders, most talked about people, and most important celebrities, so far as what they have accomplished in 2022.

Such people include President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another of the politicians likely to make a splash in 2022. Evan Rachel Wood is already in the news for speaking out against her alleged abuser, Marilyn Manson in documentary, Phoenix Rising -- Part 1: Don't Fall. She's certainly one of the most influential celebrities in 2022. 

Misha Green already made her mark in 2020 with Lovecraft Country, but is likely to be one of the famous celebrities in 2022, thanks to her multi-year deal with Apple. This list could answer, "Who is the most recognizable person in the world?" in 2022. However, these people are not simply famous. They are also making an impact in 2022.

Who are the most impactful people of the year? Vote for who you think is the most influential person in 2021, keeping it strictly to influencers with positive impacts. Then check back to see if your favorites made it into the top 25 most influential people on this list!

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