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The Most Influential People in Fashion

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Celebrities, models, designers, stylists, and CEOs of the largest department stores are fashion trendsetters. This list contains some of the hottest and most influential people in the fashion industry. Whether it's Tyra Banks deciding whether or not you're still in the running to be America's Next Top Model, or it's the inventor of the ever so popular flab squishing Spanx, these people are making their marks on what we wear and how we wear it.

Fashion tells a story. It helps us express how we are feeling, how we want others to react to us and it also does a very important job. It makes us not naked. Without fashion we'd all be naked criminals running around exposing ourselves and probably most of us would be very, very cold. So thank goodness for clothes!

Fashion changes with the times and reflects what the culture deems as attractive or appropriate. These people are in charge of those terms. Check out this list for fashionistas, designers and clothing moguls alike! Be inspired and look fabulous! 

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