The Most Influential Republicans Who Were Once Democrats

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Includes Republican politicians who were at one time registered as Democrats

The GOP boasts a wide range of new politicians who once claimed their allegiance to the Democrats. These new Republicans changed their mind and flipped sides of the isle for one reason or another. This is a list of the most influential GOP members who were former members of the other major party in the US the Democratic Party. The list includes former ultra-Conservative President Ronald Regan as a former Liberal. Also, in this list is current GOP Presidential nomination hopeful and former Democrat Rick Perry. Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City right wing Herman Cain was a Democrat. Another flip-flopper and Republican Presidential nominee hopeful, Minnesota Representative, Michelle Bachman as a left wing liberal back in high school. Even the Mayor of New York City, the current billionaire media tycoon Michael Bloomberg was a Democrat in his earlier days. Rounding out the top is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who was a Democrat prior to her move over to the GOP. Switching political affiliation dates back a few centuries as judges and governors looked to win influence over their representatives and senators to gain political power across the isles of Congress and in their district.

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