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The Most Influential Surfers of All Time

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Ready to rank the most influential surfers of all time? In a sport in which its culture is just as important as skill level, it's not just the world's best surfers that go down as the most influential. Sure, many of these notable surfers are some of the best to ever do it, yet some simply took surfing to the forefront and helped it become what it is today. For instance, Bruce Brown may have been a surfer, but he's recognized for his impact on surfing through his many surf films and documentaries—which contributed greatly to how we see surfing today. 

Of course, most of these important surfers are indeed the best of all time. While there's been plenty of famous surfers to grace the beaches around the world, those to follow brought more than just skill to surfing—these are surfers who changed the sport forever. From the Duke and Miki Dora to leading surf ladies like Stephanie Gilmore and Layne Beachley, these surfers have had a huge impact on surfing as we know it. 

Who do you think should top the list of the most influential surfers? Take a look below and vote up your picks. 

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