The Most Influential Women Of 2022

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UPDATED: check out the most influential women of 2023!

Influential women can be found leading us in 2022 in politics, business, sports, entertainment, philanthropy,  science, environmental conservation, and even in space! This list includes some of the most influential women in the world, as well as some of the most powerful female celebrities. 

Which women are taking over in 2022? Of course there are the inspiring women leaders in the White House, such as First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Astronaut Kayla Barron is another woman of impact set to make history, as she was chosen by NASA to become the first woman to walk on the moon in just a few years.

Some athletes that are some of the most influential women include Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, and Simone Biles. Greta Thunberg is amongst the most famous women in the world as she continues to bring attention to the world's environmental issues. The entertainment realm is packed full of women with influence such as Oprah, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Angelina Jolie.

Who is the most impactful woman of 2022? Here is the list of the most influential women today who have made their mark in a positive way. Vote for the most inspirational women of 2022. Then, check back to see if your idols and/or mentors have landed in the top 10 most influential women of 2022. 

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