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The 19 Most Insane Kanye West Quotes

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We found all these direct quotes from interviews, performances, and songs, assembled here for your enjoyment. We thought they were too good to go unappreciated so we put our favorite Kanye West quotes in meme form. Some of these quotes are hilarious and will make you laugh for hours, while others will probably make you cringe or cry with embarrassment. 

Kanye's ability to humble brag his way into every form of media is one that we used to find impressive, until he started bragging about it! These crazy quotes will have you in stitches, just don't let Kanye know, it will make him too happy. 

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    Did You Forget to Dress Yourself?

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    West claimed this in a 2014 tweet

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    Is That Your Lame Claim to Holy Fame?

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    Clearly, Kanye believes in the power of his art

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    You Sure About That?

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    From the Proud Non-reader of Books

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