Airplanes The Most Insane Things Found In Abandoned Luggage  

Rebecca High

Most people have a love-hate relationship with air transportation, and one of the factors that falls straight on the side of hate for a traveler is losing your luggage

Much like the ubiquitous socks that somehow disappear in the dryer, almost everyone has a tale of that time an airline lost their luggage — hopefully not forever, but when shuffling human belongings all over the world, sometimes luggage tragedies are inevitable.

And while it's a loss for you, just imagine what fun the TSA and other airport personnel must have going through the luggage that goes unclaimed by its owner. Judging from this video, treasure hunting through abandoned luggage is one of the major perks of this job.

It's not just airport personnel who have found some incredible luggage. Careless travelers will leave that stuff anywhere. Watch this video for some shocking tales from the lost and found.