17 Horror Movie Scenes That Were Burned Into Our Memory In 2022

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Every year has its own array of horror movie moments that are so disturbing, haunting, revolting, or just downright scary, they're burned into our memories forever, and 2022 was no different.

From heartfelt monologues to brutal killings, from the demise of beloved series characters to disturbing surprises, these are some of the scenes we'll be revisiting (whether we like it or not) for years to come. Vote up the horror movie moments from 2022 that made you jump, scream, or cry - and that you'll never forget.

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    Dewey's Demise In 'Scream'

    The deaths in Scream (2022) have almost all upped the ante in terms of the franchise's brutality, but none of them hit as hard as the demise of Dewey, one of the original film's characters whom horror fans have followed for a quarter of a century.

    Sure, Ghostface stabs him viciously, but what really makes the scene hurt is the connection we've built to the character over four prior films - not to mention the way his demise will devastate the original film's remaining survivors.

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    The Bedroom Scene In 'Terrifier 2'

    A follow-up to the 2016 film Terrifier, this 2022 flick brought back the deranged clown named Art while also upping the length - and the ante - on gruesome gore effects.

    As such, there are countless nearly unwatchable sequences of torture and mutilation in Terrifier 2, but perhaps the most gut-wrenching is a three-minute-long sequence in which the sadistic clown slashes and maims one of his victims, only to rub bleach and salt into her wounds - all while she's still alive.

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  • In Scott Derrickson's adaptation of Joe Hill's short story “The Black Phone,” young Finney has been abducted by “the Grabber,” a child predator who has already kidnapped and killed several young boys in the neighborhood. Locked in a soundproof basement, Finney has only the voices of the Grabber's other victims to help him escape.

    Meanwhile, his tormenter enjoys leaving the basement door unlocked, then waiting upstairs with a belt to play a game called “naughty boy." When Finney tries to escape after the Grabber falls asleep waiting, a bike lock halts his progress, and Finney has to open it as quietly as possible while the Grabber dozes nearby.

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    Birthday Surprise In 'Smile'

    Smile was one of the surprise hits of 2022. Originally planned for a streaming release on Paramount+, the studio brought it to theaters after positive reactions at test screenings, and the film managed to recoup nearly 20 times its budget. This was thanks to a combination of factors, including a savvy marketing campaign and positive word of mouth generated by the flick's many scares and shocks.

    Perhaps few of these are more shocking than when our beleaguered lead, who's being stalked by the mimetic smile entity that gives the film its title, attempts to visit her nephew's birthday party. She has wrapped and brought along a thoughtful gift, but what he unwraps is something else entirely.

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    The Nursing Room In 'Barbarian'

    Barbarian was one of those movies that seemingly came out of nowhere and took the horror community by storm. A big part of why it worked so well for so many was the ways in which it concealed where its plot would go next. So, if you want to stay spoiler-free, stop reading now, but for those who have already seen the movie, no one is likely to forget the grisly and disturbing central premise of the subterranean dungeon and its inhabitants.

    Probably the most distressing part of that whole tableaux is the “nursing room,” in which Justin Long's character receives some very unwanted attention from the dungeon's denizen.

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  • Roland's Transformation In 'Hellraiser'
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    After a long series of false starts, 2022 saw David Bruckner at the helm of a new imagining of Clive Barker's classic film Hellraiser. Besides redesigning the series's iconic Cenobites, this new Hellraiser also introduced new mythology and an entirely new cast of characters. Among those was Roland Voight, a hedonistic millionaire obsessed with the film's central puzzle box.

    In fact, he manages to claim its rewards on two occasions, though neither works out quite as he imagines. On the first, he asks for sensation and receives a massive key jammed through his torso that manipulates his nerves in painful ways. The second time he seeks power (and in the film's closing moments), we see him brutally transformed into a brand-new Cenobite.

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