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Craziest Ironic Deaths of All Time - Volume 1

Ironic deaths are the stuff of legend when it comes to the craziest deaths imaginable. For starters, the owner of the Segway died in a Segway accident and a Green Party candidate was killed by an SUV. Some of the most ironic deaths of recent memory have been gathered here on this ironic death list.

Ironic deaths are both easy and hard to define; unlike the Alanis Morissette song, there's a little more subtlety to calling a freaky death "ironic." Some of the most tragic deaths in history, however, were true cases of irony and life finding a way to turn death into something simultaneously funny and fascinating. These crazy deaths and stupid deaths feature stories of people who died in ways you might not expect.

Sure, a lot of funny deaths in history are extremely tragic and unfortunate, but very few are actually "ironic." Feel free to debate the irony of these freaky deaths and ironic passings and if you can't get enough of the craziest deaths ever reported, check out the list of most ironic deaths in history - volume 2.
  • John Sedgwick was a major general for the Union Army in the Civil War who played key roles in famed battles like the Battle of Antietam and the Battle of Gettysburg. By the time of his death, he was the most senior major general in the Army and worthy of great respect.

    So at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, he stood proud at the front line directing the placement of the Union artillery. The Confederates were advancing, however, from 1,000 yards away causing his subordinates to dodge and run around, hesitant at standing in the open.

    Incensed, Sedgwick declared he was ashamed of his men, that the enemy was too far to cause damage, and that "they couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance." Seconds later, he died after being struck by an enemy bullet below his left eye. Guess he was wrong.
  • Writer of Most Optimistic Song Commits Suicide

    Felix Powell was the force behind what was considered one of the most optimistic songs in history, "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile." The song was known to have gotten thousands of soldiers throughout the horrors of World War I. 

    A song with a mass effect like that could easily garner great royalties, but Powell carried greater inner-burdens. He committed suicide while wearing his duty uniform, possibly too haunted by the war too see what was so upbeat about the song that got so many others through it.