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The Most Ironic Deaths of All Time (Vol. 2)

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If you're thinking this list is going to be all about Alanis Morissette-like references to "too many spoons when all you need is a knife," look up a definition of irony, and then continue reading this list about the 10 ways people have perished in ironic ways.

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  • Woman Passes Because Of Water Poisoning Trying To Win A Wii

    A woman trying to win a Nintendo Wii passes because she can’t wee.

    The incident transpired when Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old mother of three, took place in radio station KDND’s “Hold your wee for a Wii” contest. The winner would be the contestant who could drink the most water without breaking for a pee. Other participants speculated, after the game had ended, that Strange and some of the others participating in the contest had drank upwards of two gallons of water in their efforts to win a $250 game box.

    Far from being ignorant of the potential for harm involved in drinking that much water, several incidents of water poisoning were referenced on the air while the game was underway, and a nurse even called the radio show to warn that the contestants could face health risks if they continued. 

    But Strange soldiered on and even went to work after the contest ended, eventually heading home in tremendous pain later in the day. Her mother found her corpse in her home shortly thereafter.

    Strange came in second in the contest and did not win the Wii.

  • Tenor Sings 'You Can Only Live So Long' And Perishes

    When you were a kid, did your mom ever try to take you out to cultural activities like a play or the museum by telling you “Come on, just try it; it’s not going to end you”? Well, Mom may have been mistaken: This opera ended the life of someone.

    62-year-old opera veteran Richard Versalle was beginning to sing in the premiere of "The Makropulos Case" at the Lincoln Center in New York City when he basically told the audience he was about to perish. Well, not Versalle so much as his character (a clerk) who was standing on a ladder, fetching a file from a cabinet. After singing the line “you can only live so long,” he had a heart attack and fell 15 feet to the stage below.

    The performance halted and the house doctor declared Versalle, and opening night, passed.

  • Man Proves Strength Of Window Glass, Frailty Of Window Pane In Fatal Fall

    Gary Hoy, a lawyer in Toronto, Canada, had a real affinity for demonstrating to visitors the strength of the glass in his 24th-story office. On a fateful day in July, Hoy was giving a demo of the glass’ strength by throwing himself at full force into the pane. On what was apparently his second demo of the day, Hoy’s shoulder knocked the window free of its frame and he and the glass piece fell 24 stories down to the street below, much to the horror of the law students he was trying to impress.

  • Girl Tweets Her Thanks To God For Another Year Of Life And Passes

    Girl Tweets Her Thanks To God For Another Year Of Life And Passes
    Photo: eldh / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    In what should be referred to as “The Tebow Syndrome,” Arianne Noelle Patterson, a student at North Carolina’s Gardner-Webb University, got an unexpected gift from God for her big 2-1.

    Patterson — who should have been smote just for spending her time tweeting in a class she was probably paying thousands of dollars to take — got down on one knee and celebrated her 21st birthday by saying “Thank you God for another year of life.” to all her followers in the Twitterverse.

    And then she passed from a heart attack. In the middle of her religion class.