Irredeemably Evil Villains With Nothing To Sympathize With

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Cinema history has presented audiences with some antagonists that can truly only be described as pure evil villains. This type of villain seems to have lost its luster in recent years. Movies seem to be more interested in antiheroes or warped reflections of main characters with motivations audiences can relate to. Even Thanos, whose great plan was to wipe out half of all life in the universe, was given a backstory to justify his draconian dream.

It's become so commonplace that it would be a refreshing change of pace to see more truly unsympathetic characters on cinema screens. The types of villains who want world domination for no other reason than they'd like to be in charge. The villains who slay their own henchman at the slightest disagreement, and don't have any sort of love interest to show audiences a different side of them. That's the class of villains that really knows how to make its mark.