The Most Irritating Howard Stern Show Regulars

Who are the most irritating Howard Stern Show regulars? That depends: Stern fans most certainly can argue this point forever, but there are several names that seem to surface often. This list includes Stern show regulars, insiders and contributors who've grated on everyone's nerves for years. Some on this list are no longer on the show -- others are still going strong, driving people nuts. Be sure to vote for the person you believe is the absolute worst, most annoying, irritating Howard Stern Show regular. And, if you disagree with someone listed? Vote them down, and feel free to state your case for or against anyone on this list in the comments. Also? If you don't see the person you believe is the most irritating Stern show regular on this list, add them.

Some of the Howard Stern show regulars who could certainly be considered highly irritating are Howard's actual staff members. Robin Quivers, Howard's loyal co-host, comes to mind, as does Stern's former intern (turned on-the-spot joke writer) Benji Bronk. Howard Stern's longtime bodyguard and driver, Ronnie Mund (aka Ronnie the Limo Driver) also appears on this list as an irritating show regular, along with Scott the Engineer (Scott Salem) and Howard Stern's stylist, Ralph Cirella. Oh, and Howard's wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern (aka Beth O)? She's on the list too. I always thought Tila Tequila was one of the sexiest Stern regulars, but you be the judge.

Several members of the Howard Stern "Wack Pack" make this list as well. Among them: Elliot Offen, High Pitch Eric and Melrose Larry Green. Some might enjoy these Wack Packers' antics, but it seems many find them incredibly irritating. And without question, a coveted spot on this list belongs to Miss Howard Stern, Andrea Ownbey. If you have to ask why, well, you obviously have never heard her. The same can be said for Mariann from Brooklyn.

This list also includes frequent, irritating guests on the Howard Stern show. Courtney Love? Yep. Joan Rivers? Absolutely. Gilbert Gottfried? Yes, though some might argue that being irritating is Gottfried's true talent.

Again, be sure to vote for the person you believe is truly the most irritating Howard Stern Show regular, and, if you're so inclined, check out this list of the the funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers and vote there too!
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