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15 Anime Characters With Major Jealousy Issues

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Jealousy often pushes people to unorthodox, possessive actions, so anime characters with jealousy issues can drive a storyline.

In some cases, a character's thirst for superiority prompts them to work hard and improve themselves. Mello from Death Note probably wouldn't have developed his logical thinking skills if he weren't constantly pitting himself against Near. While his ceaseless envy does lead him to join gangs and kidnap civilians, the expectations placed upon him at a young age make him seem like a sympathetic villain.

Unfortunately, Mello is a rare case, as plenty of jealous anime characters push the limits of acceptable behavior. In Shuffle! Kaede Fuyou becomes wildly jealous of any girl her beloved Rin talks to, leading her to violent behavior.

Whatever form it takes, jealousy is a human emotion, and although its presence can make a character unlikable, that doesn't mean they're not relatable.