14 Legendary Magical Weapons, Ranked By Awesomeness

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While fictional objects have played a pivotal role in the childhood of geeks, nerds, and gamers, every kid remembers asking Santa for that heroic, magical weapon imbued with power and bravery. There are countless moments when fans have fantasized about wielding weapons of legend with meaningful symbols, slaying foes and banishing enemies in their imaginations. This list is a tribute to the best of the best in enchanted weapons from film, tv, novels, comic books, and other entertainment sources.

While many fictional weapons are awesome, the key criterion here is that the weapon has to be enchanted, like Green Lantern’s ring. It can't just be awesome, like Batman’s grappler. Be sure to vote up the most spellbinding weaponry from the list and vote down any weapons you think missed the mark. 

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    Photo: Marvel

    Where It’s From: Norse mythology and, of course, the action-packed Marvel Universe.

    What It Does: Carries storms, opens portals into other dimensions, battles with the gods of Norse mythology, and fights alongside superheroes. It occasionally manipulates time as well.

    Why It’s Awesome: Like Excalibur, Mjolnir is a selective weapon that can only be lifted by the worthy. As a bonus, it sports a pretty awesome inscription.

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    Where It’s From: Welsh Legend. It’s the prized possession of King Arthur.

    What It Does: Gives its wielder amazing powers such as immortality, leadership, and the ability to blind one’s enemies.

    Why It’s Awesome: It carries with it a tale as old as time itself and has gone on to become the most famous sword in history.

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    The Trident

    The Trident
    Photo: Disney

    Where It’s From: The sea in various different storylines and mythologies.

    What It Does: Gives total dominion over the sea with the power to control waves, create vortexes, mess with the weather, conjure typhoons, and spew lightning from time to time.

    Why It’s Awesome: This nautical weapon is so coveted that it’s made appearances in several different stories such as Hercules, Sophia the First, and The Little Mermaid. Also, legend has it that the trident can even pierce the skin of the mythological gods.

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    The Deathly Hollows

    Where It’s From: The Harry Potter universe.

    What It Does: In short, it brings the dead to life, renders its sorcerer unbeatable, and makes its wearer invisible. However, since nobody has ever possessed all three Deathly Hollows components simultaneously, it does one or two of those three things at any given time.

    Why It’s Awesome: The Deathly Hollows is a magnificent set of equipment fit for a wizard king and nothing less. Anyone who controls all three at the same time becomes the Master of Death.