2016 Election
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The Most Likable 2016 US Presidential Candidates

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2016 presidential candidates have to be many things for the American: forceful, compelling, intelligent, and well-spoken. But they also have to be likable people and people you could see yourself spending time with. Some 2016 candidates have come off as abrasive, arrogant, cold, or overly glib - while others seem too laid back, barely registering as awake.

Whether you vote based on the economy, social issues, international relations, or just not liking the other party, likability is important come election season in the United States. So here's where you can show who you think is the most likable, pleasant, nice candidate. And if you think someone - republican or democrat - is the opposite of that, i.e., not likable, rude, or unpleasant, go ahead and vote them down. Together, we'll choose the President of Likability.