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The Most Likable Players In The NBA Today

Updated 3 Aug 2020 42.3k votes 2.4k voters 12.3k views99 items

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The most likable NBA players can be anybody from tremendous superstars to beloved role players. Fans and peers often make their opinions known about players in the league. While some talents like LeBron James and Joel Embiid have polarizing reputations, they are also beloved by their fan bases and in the communities they help.

Meanwhile, there are quite a few cult favorites who fly under the radar. Veterans like Pau Gasol and Vince Carter are past their primes, but they still have that likable nature. All teams have their own most liked NBA players that lead to their fan base making them popular. 

So choose the players here you consider to be good folks who are worth rooting for. It's up to you to decide what makes these players the nicest or most likable and who deserves to move to the top of the list. Vote below, and feel free to add any players who don't appear but you think belong here.

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