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The 14 Most Fantastically Mediocre Anime Ever Created

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You know how you sometimes want McDonald's instead of Shake Shack? Sometimes you don't feel like watching an anime masterpiece. While plenty of acclaimed series appear on every anime fan's bucket list, those often require intense concentration and time you do not have at the moment. Even the most intelligent people aren't always in the mood for the greats. Sometimes, when you're tired or distracted, the best salve comes in the form of mediocre anime.

Average anime demands little of you, both in time and attention. It presents characters who might be pleasant or amusing, but never particularly nuanced. Its premise may start out with promise, only to derail itself before the series ever reaches its potential. Extremely okay anime rely on hackneyed tropes, but hey, those tropes exist because people enjoy them. They're not bad shows - they're just not amazing.

There's no shame in kicking back with an anime that's just okay. It's good background noise for all the chores you've put off.

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    Genesis Of Aquarion

    Genesis of Aquarion is intended to be an homage to mecha series from the past. Needless to say, it's aged pretty poorly. Besides that, it offers an okay plot about humanity's battle with an ancient alien force called the Shadow Angels. The characters are generic, and the CGI is awkward, but Genesis of Aquarium provides a reasonably good story if you're in the mood for some robot fights.

    One thing makes this series stand out: its soundtrack. Akino, the artist behind the OP, brings some of their best work to this project, and Yui Makino's ED is pretty great, too.

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    A Centaur's Life

    One of several "monster girl" anime series, A Centaur's Life has the potential to rise above mediocrity. It shows an intricate world where humans evolved in multiple directions, leading to everything from (you guessed it) centaurs to angels and demons.

    While the manga expands on the context, digging deep into how the world functions and species coexist, the anime merely scrapes the surface. One episode revolves around telling scary stories, while another delivers a full-tilt Holocaust allegory. It ends up being less of a realized world and more of a disjointed mess, preventing the series from reaching its full promise.

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  • Moyashimon offers a pretty cool premise: Tadayasu, a guy who can see bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, goes to agricultural college. While this sounds like an amazing combination of Cells at Work! and Silver Spoon, Moyashimon's execution ends up falling flat.

    Though fun, the characters fail to develop over time. Even more frustrating, the show fails to capitalize on its intriguing premise - Tadayasu accomplishes little with his unusual abilities, other than things he could have figured out how to do anyway, like brew sake. Is it worth watching? Sure, but it remains far from the greatest show you've ever seen.

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    Chibi Devi!

    Chibi Devi!
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    Chibi Devi! tells the story of 14-year-old Honoka, who finds herself responsible for taking care of a devil baby. For 75 episodes, Honoka goes on a variety of lighthearted and fun adventures with her devil baby, meets other devil babies - and honestly, that's about it.

    If you're looking for emotional depth and character development, look elsewhere. But if you need to pass the time with a cute series about babies with a mildly devilish twist, enjoy.

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