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The 14 Most Fantastically Mediocre Anime Ever Created

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You know how you sometimes want McDonald's instead of Shake Shack? Sometimes you don't feel like watching an anime masterpiece. While plenty of acclaimed series appear on every anime fan's bucket list, those often require intense concentration and time you do not have at the moment. Even the most intelligent people aren't always in the mood for the greats. Sometimes, when you're tired or distracted, the best salve comes in the form of mediocre anime.

Average anime demands little of you, both in time and attention. It presents characters who might be pleasant or amusing, but never particularly nuanced. Its premise may start out with promise, only to derail itself before the series ever reaches its potential. Extremely okay anime rely on hackneyed tropes, but hey, those tropes exist because people enjoy them. They're not bad shows - they're just not amazing.

There's no shame in kicking back with an anime that's just okay. It's good background noise for all the chores you've put off.

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    And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?

    After accidentally asking out an older man in an online game, Hideki Nishimura becomes reluctant to accept the affections of Ako, an ineffective healer who plays a cute girl in the game. Ako turns out to be a real girl, along with the two "male" members of his party - and they all go to Hideki's school!

    The anime offers a few interesting moments, especially those involving Ako's genuine difficulty with separating fantasy from reality. But the romance rings a little hollow, and the premise feels contrived overall.

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    The Sacred Blacksmith

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    If you want to end an anime feeling like you just completed a series and absolutely nothing else, The Sacred Blacksmith might be the show for you. It follows a knight named Cecily Campbell who ends up going on a demon-battling spree with a blacksmith named Luke Ainsworth.

    The lackluster plot and passable animation fail to save it, but if you're looking for a cute relationship in a fantasy setting that demands little of its viewers, this anime will do the trick.

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    Love Is Like A Cocktail

    Love Is Like a Cocktail follows an office worker whose husband, a former bartender, stays at home and keeps house. He helps her take the edge off of her stressful working life by making her a variety of creative alcoholic beverages.

    Very, very little plot goes into this anime. The focus falls on the innovative drinks Sora comes up with, and the supportive relationship between husband and wife. This anime won't change your life, but it might give you fun ideas for cocktails.

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    Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

    If you think the title Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend implies a boring premise, you're not wrong. The series centers around Tomoya Aki and his attempts to create his very own dating sim. To do this, he assembles a team comprised of a light novel author, a musician, a doujinshi artist, and his "muse," Megumi.

    The anime shines at times, especially during the closing arc, when Tomoya's more talented teammates must decide whether to keep supporting him or take up genuine career opportunities. But overall, it focuses more on in-group drama and fan service than on story.

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