The Most Memorable Project Runway Looks

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The best looks from Project Runway are plentiful, but we made it work and rounded up the most memorable designs. The 11-season running show has had its share of dramas and disasters, but at the end of the day we had Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and now Zac Posen give us the snark we've all come to know and love. There should be a show with just the three of them judging everyone, because it would be a guaranteed success.

It's the epic list of all-time faves and unforgettable styles that made the show the success that it was. Project Runway winners and contestants alike have created some unforgettable looks. Just remember, corn and candy walked the runway and made Project Runway history. Revisit your past faves and recent looks for the ultimate fashion jam.

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    Korto Momolu’s Seat Belt Coat

    Who can forget Momolu's innovative design in season 5 with weaving sand-colored seat belts? She became runner-up THREE TIMES in THREE SEPARATE seasons, making her the best almost-best, and that's just as good as winning, right? 
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    Irina Shabayeva's Newspaper Coat

    Irina's use of newspapers in the Unconventional Materials Challenge was a notable take on the literal paper thin material. Her remastering of the material looked sturdy enough to withstand winds and rain, although we wouldn't risk trying it out for real.
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    Christian Siriano and Chris March’s Elizabethan Creation

    Christian basically headed the design on this whimsical and avant-garde piece, which is a nod to the Elizabethan era. Think Kate Blanchett reciting an epic speech in iambic pentameter wearing this pretty little number. 
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    Mychael Knight's Pam Grier Tribute

    Mychael took a chance on this hot pink hot pant in order to create this tribute to, in his words, "Pam motherf*cking Grier." This risky look was well worth the payoff, combining two hot styles for the ultimate look. 
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    Austin Scarlett's Corn Husk Dress

    Who could forget this ode to agriculture in season 1? Austin Scarlett's creation really set the tone for "Project Runway" as a show, ensuring viewers that this was more than just reality TV. 
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    Seth Aaron Henderson Mother and Child Look

    Most designers tend to struggle with these two look challenges and fuel the fashion related drama we've all come to know and love. Henderson's look for Mom was unique and fashion-forward while keeping the daughter's style adorable and practical. 
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