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12 Most Memorable Movie And TV Romances Between Humans And Machines 

Michelle Nati
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Who can define love? Humankind has tried for thousands of years to understand just what love is but still cannot fully explain what makes one being attracted to another. Romance between humans and machines isn't exactly unusual to the world of movies and TV, but each story is drastically different. Some AI are more sentient than others, and while you'd think that would make the relationships listed here easier, it often doesn't.

Just like with human-to-human bonds, human-to-machine relationships have their share of insurmountable problems. If you've ever had a partner that had trouble exhibiting emotion, imagine having a partner that was unable to do so because they weren't programmed for it. However, whether a bond is based in biology or technology, sometimes love happens, and you just have to throw caution to the wind, whether you're human, android, or something in between. Check out a few couples that couldn't help but fall for each other. For some, there was a happy ending. For others, it was a lesson learned. 

Blade Runner is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 12 Most Memorable Movie And TV Romances Between Humans And Machines
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There's some question if Deckard and Rachael's relationship in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner is consensual. Deckard (Harrison Ford) a “blade runner,” comes out of retirement to find and slay four rogue "replicants" roaming Los Angeles. Rachael (Sean Young) is also an android, but unlike the others, she believes she's human as she was implanted with the memories of her creator's niece to better control her. 

When Deckard comes onto her, she resists as she's confused about what she's feeling and if she is, as he has told her, an android. She's emotionally distressed and doesn't quite know what to do in that moment but submits to his forceful advances nonetheless. Despite her initial misgivings, they leave the city to forge a new life together. 

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Weird Science is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 12 Most Memorable Movie And TV Romances Between Humans And Machines
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Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly (Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith, respectively) are unpopular geeks who decide to create the perfect woman in hopes of making them more popular. Armed with a doll and a computer patched into a government program, they create Lisa (Kelly LeBrock), who is not only beautiful but has powers beyond any human capability. 

Lisa teaches the boys to stand up for themselves and fends off various bullies. As the boys come into their own, the girls they've pined after start to fall for them and the bullies back off. When Lisa sees her work is done, she dematerializes and shows up as gym teacher at the boys' high school to help their socially struggling classmates. 

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Sam And Quorra In 'Tron: Legacy'
Sam And Quorra In 'Tron:... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 12 Most Memorable Movie And TV Romances Between Humans And Machines
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Quorra is the last ISO (Isomorphic Algorithm) alive. Her kind was wiped out by CLU (Jeff Bridges) in an effort to fully take over the Light Cycle Grid. She's game creator Kevin Flynn's (also Jeff Bridges) assistant and was taught about the human world through books and longs to see it for herself. 

She rescues Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) who, 30 years after his dad disappeared into the Grid, finds himself in the same place and in harm's way. Kevin and Sam reunite and decide they want to leave the Grid for good. Quorra has since formed a romantic relationship with Sam and also needs to go with them for her own safety. 

The trio finds their way through the only portal to the real world, with CLU hot on their trail. Kevin and CLU fight each other as Sam and Quorra make their escape. When they rematerialize, Quorra, who may now be human, witnesses her very first sunrise. 

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Ex Machina's Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) works for Blue Book, a search engine much like Google, and wins a contest to meet company CEO Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) at his home, which is located miles from anywhere. Here, Bateman introduces him to his creation, an android named Ava (Alicia Vikander) and asks him to judge if she can not only possess human consciousness but if he can relate to her knowing what she is. 

As the two speak, they grow close and begin to confide in each other. Caleb falls for her, and they make plans to escape together. He believes they're talking in private, but Nathan tells him he knows of their plans and that Caleb was being used by Ava to help her escape. Furthermore, he was not the winner of a contest but was chosen for the job via harvested data. 

Ava, herself an amalgamation of search engine users, slays Nathan as he attempts to stop her from leaving. She covers her mechanical parts and leaves for the outside world, trapping Caleb to perish inside Nathan's home. 

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