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Totally Messed Up Things on The Fairly OddParents  

Jacoby Bancroft
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If you were born in the '90s, it's a pretty safe bet you were a fan of The Fairly Oddparents. Watching the adventures of Cosmo and Wanda as they grant wishes to young Timmy was a staple of many childhoods. And, lest we forget, some genuinely crazy stuff went down on Fairly Oddparents, bizarre storylines which maybe went over the heads of its young audience. Check out the list for the worst, most messed up stories from The Fairly Oddparents, and to remember just how dark the show got from time to time.
Timmy Is Told He Crushed His Dad's Dreams
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What Happened: After Tim accidentally breaks his Dad's "Dream Box,"  his dad told him not to worry because his dreams were crushed a long time ago. When Timmy asked how long, Timmy's Dad asked how old he is.

Why It Was Horrible: As goofy as Timmy's parents seem, there's an underlying notion that they don't want Timmy. No joke in Fairly Oddparents history has ever been as direct as the one in the video. It shows just how unwanted Timmy is to his parents. 
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The Masturbation Joke
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What Happened: It's always funny when a kid's show sneaks adult humor, but in "Poof's Playdate," the gag is anything but subtle. In the episode, Timmy's parents watched a program about being bad parents. According to the program, if a kid likes to spend a lot of time alone, doesn't want to be bothered, and brings paper towels to his room, you're a bad parent. Timmy comes in and says he wants all of those things. 

Why It Was Horrible: Hey, it's 100 percent natural for Timmey to grease the weasel, right? It's not really horrifying until you realize his Fairy Godparents follow Timmy around everywhere he goes...
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Chompy Mounts Vicky
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What Happened: Chompy the goat found Vicky locked up in a pillory. He ran around behind her, got up on his hind legs, and gave her a wedgie.

What It Was Horrible: Think of it like this - a goat finds a kid locked in a pillory, runs behind her, mounts her, and her eyes go wide. Sure, a second later,  you find out Chompy gave Vicky a wedgie. But if sure looks like he's slipping her something else. 
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The Show Calls Out the Boyscouts
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What Happened: In the episode “DinkleScouts,” Timmy’s dad suggested that if he took a group of boys to the movies wearing a scout leader uniform, he’d be arrested.

Why It Was Horrible: This one is maybe more savage than horrible. As it turns out, like the Catholic Church, Boy Scouts of America has a history of adult leaders molesting vulnerable young boys. Timmy's dad is worried that if he takes kids into a dark movie theater wearing a Scout uniform, he'll arouse suspicions of pedophilia. 
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