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Totally Messed Up Things on The Fairly OddParents

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If you were born in the '90s, it's a pretty safe bet you were a fan of The Fairly Oddparents. Watching the adventures of Cosmo and Wanda as they grant wishes to young Timmy was a staple of many childhoods. And, lest we forget, some genuinely crazy stuff went down on Fairly Oddparents, bizarre storylines which maybe went over the heads of its young audience. Check out the list for the worst, most messed up stories from The Fairly Oddparents, and to remember just how dark the show got from time to time.
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    Wanda Worries About Your Anus

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    What Happened: In the episode "Tom Sawyer," Timmy and Wanda have the following exchange:

    Timmy: He can turn planets into plants. He can turn gravity into gravy.
    Wanda: He can turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We've got to stop him!
    Cosmo: What?! I don't get it—what's the threat?!

    What It Was Horrible: Um, because someone's anus is about to get all kinds of messed up. 
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    Cosmo Gets a Boob Job

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    What Happened: In the episode "This Is Your Wish," Cosmo accidentally got a boob job. He grabbed onto his new boobs and shouted "I'm keeping them!"

    Why It Was Horrible: There's nothing wrong with anyone deciding to get a boob job. What's messed up here is that Timmy's fairy god father, a creepy buffoon, hornily manhandles his own boobs in front of a young kid for whom he's in some way responsible. 
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    Timmy Wants to Kill Chip Skylark

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    What Happened: Jealous of the attention pop sensation Chip Skylark got on his birthday, Timmy wished for something bad to happen to him in the episode "Boys in the Band." Much to Timmy's chagrin, he learned he can't wish Chip dead or injured. 

    Why It Was Horrible: Besides proving Timmy is a serious sociopath, the act shows how dark kid's wishes can get. Sure, it doesn't actually work, but having the protagonist of children's show wish people dead is very dark indeed.

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    Fairies Explode If They Can't Grant Wishes

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    What Happened: In the episode "The Same Game," Timmy wished for everyone to look alike, which caused all the fairies to explode, because they can't find kids to grant wishes. 

    Why It Was Horrible: Out of all the horrible ways to die in the world, none seem as painful as expanding to the size of a water buffalo before bursting into magic confetti. That's the horrible fate that befell a lot of fairies once Timmy made his reckless wish. Did he apologize? Nope. 
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