People Describe The Most Messed Up Things They've Done In Grand Theft Auto

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Whether you're a big gamer or you hate everything to do with video games and virtual reality, you've undoubtedly heard of action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto. Originally created by British developer DMA Design in 1997, Grand Theft Auto now has over 10 different versions and it's the fourth most popular game franchise ever after Mario, Pokemon, and Tetris. In spite of countless technology innovation awards, multiple GTA fan theories, and character voiceovers done by such silver screen legends as Samuel L. Jackson, Burt Reynolds, and Phil Collins, GTA has been criticized incessantly.

In fact, the game's extremely mature content tends to make social rights advocates and parents quake in their boots. Violence is more prevalent in GTA than in almost any other game series. Many players enjoy losing themselves in the simulated world where they can solicit and then murder sex workers, rob unsuspecting pedestrians, and blow up enemies with the click of a button. It is many concerned mothers' worst fear to see young children playing the mature game because law is completely relative in the GTA universe. In fact, it seems that the more aggressive users are more heavily rewarded.

Grand Theft Auto players are usually aware of the game's critics but they play anyway. Perhaps the abandonment of law and order is wholly appealing to them or perhaps they just like the more mundane aspects of the game: doing yoga, attending therapy, smoking pot on the couch. Perhaps the occasional mundanity of the Vice City world makes gamers forget about their own normal existences, giving them something to look forward to. GTA players have attempted to explain their fondness for the virtual world but it's actually the revelation of their most messed up game escapades that made a huge splash on Reddit.

Below is a selection of the craziest things Auto players have done in the fictional realm. Maybe you'll be put off by them, maybe you'll use them as inspiration during your next Xbox login.

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    Take Pictures Of Your Victims

    From Reddit user mars1138:

    "I call myself the Vinewood Viper. As Micheal, I put on my tuxedo and white carnival mask and stand on a street corner and wait for the right girl NPC to walk up. I take her picture, then follow her quietly for a little bit. Then stab her and take another picture of her laying on the ground in a puddle of her own blood. I have a few rules though... No guns or other melee weapons other than the knife, only girls, no [sex workers], you have to wear the suit and mask... I thought it was funny when the psych report at the end told me I was extremely socially introverted, especially around women."

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    Destroy A Couple Or Kill A Few Cops

    From Reddit user casperthemaster:

    "I look for couples in the game and kill only one of them. In my head I like to think that I psychologically ruined them by obliterating the person they love in front of them. I also like to follow cops around and watch them get into a shoot out and at the end I kill all the survivors."

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    Invite People Over And Then Bomb Them

    From a former Reddit user:

    "[I] put sticky bombs next to the apartment entrance and invite people to my apartment. When they buzz to be let in you just hear a satisfying thud... then their name pops up as being killed. A great way to make enemies."

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    Ruin Others' Trust And Kill Yourself In The Process

    From Reddit user timrbradyPatchesMcGee88:

    "As far as just straight random evil, nothing beats getting into a stranger's car [after they've offered] you a ride and holding an active grenade until it explodes. You both die, but you've murdered his trust."

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    Ram People On The Boardwalk With Your Car And Wait For A Splatter

    From Reddit user TheKrononaut:

    "This might be a little too evil but I actually find it fulfilling to go to the pier and go plummeting down the walkway ramming people with my car. I found myself thinking that they should add a blood splatter when people hit the pavement because it wasn't realistic enough."

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    Befriend A Stranger Then Abandon That Stranger In A Far Away Tunnel

    From Reddit user crocodial:

    "I like to drive strangers around. We have some fun for a little bit in order to cement the new relationship and build trust. When the time is right, I take them on a tour of the tunnels underneath the city. I take them deep to where it is a long walk to any exit to the surface and then I kick them out of my car and take off."

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