Kids The Most Incredibly Messed Up Things You Did As A Kid (Now That You Look Back)  

Elise Hennigan
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Remember all of the horrible things you did as a kid? Even if you were a shy, withdrawn introvert, you probably tested boundaries in some odd ways as a child. Maybe you took your pet fish out of his tank so you could hold him (you killed him), pointed at your mom's thighs and told her she's fat (you really hurt her feelings), or lied about your weird neighbor just because you didn't like him (he probably actually got in trouble). There are some everyone did as a child that were - in retrospect - pretty messed up. 

As a kid, you live in the present. Your moral compass is still in development and your curiosity is boundless. You don't feel guilt about your decisions - mostly because you don't totally have a grasp on what is right or wrong just yet. Things you did when you were little, however screwed up, probably helped you actually get a grasp on the concept of morality and appropriate behavior. You realized after the oblivious comment regarding your mom's thighs, for example, the necessity of social tact. 

Looking back on all of the terrible things you did as a kid, you probably can't help but cringe. Or, let's at least hope so. Otherwise, you might be a psychopath. So let's delve into the cringeworthy kid things you used to do. What's the most horrible thing you did as a kid, without realizing how bad it was until you grew up?

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You Prank Called Random People

Mrs. Johnson is still trying to figure out who that was who called her in 1994.

41 21
You Told Your Parents a Lie About One of Your Teachers, Classmates, Neighbors, Etc.

And your parents always believed you...

39 21
You Gruesomely Killed the Bugs in Your Yard

If you cut earthworms in half, both sides keep squirming...

34 17
You Lit Random Things On Fire

Nothing seems dangerous as a kid, but you probably knew this was dangerous.

35 23
You Told Your Sibling An Elaborate Lie Just to Upset Them

The house is haunted, you had another sibling who died, they were adopted... 

35 23
You Didn't Keep Your Friend's Embarrassing Secret

If he told you, why can't you tell your whole class?

30 20
You Seriously Hurt Your Sibling

This has to be where "it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" comes from.

29 20
You Made Fun of Other Kids for Something They Couldn't Control

Like a speech impediment or an unfortunate birth mark. 

31 25
You Stopped Talking to That One Friend Just Because Everyone Else Did

That friend is 100% more successful than you now, you jerk.

28 25
You Played I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

Show and don't tell!

25 23
You Stole From Your Corner Store

Just a little candy in your pocket.

23 24
You Popped Chewable Vitamins Like Candy When Mom Wasn't Looking

If you grew up in a "no junk food" household... you were bound to get desperate once in awhile.

24 27
You Poured Salt On Snails

Like a science experiment, but demonic.

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Dimos Dicoudis added You learned to sing "patriotic" songs and to repeat nationalistic propaganda.

18 22
You Blamed Something You Did on a Family Pet

The dog probably got punished when it was you who got into the garbage to get that cookie someone threw away. 

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Dimos Dicoudis added You knew your father was shoplifting, but never reported him.

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Dimos Dicoudis added You attended Sunday school and fell for the priest's lies.

18 27
You Caused an Animal Serious Pain Because You Didn't Understand Proper Handling

Maybe you pulled your dogs ears or tried to pick up your cat by its tail. 

14 26
You Stood In The Middle Of The Road And Played Chicken With The Cars

Just to see if it scared the drivers (it did).

14 26
You Begged Your Parents For Expensive [Acting, Guitar, Painting] Classes And Then Immediately Quit

It just wasn't for you.

16 31
You Stuck Your Hand in Your Fish Tank and Took Out the Fish

Pets were made for petting, right?

16 31
You Threw Rocks at Cars Driving By

It doesn't count as bad if you run away afterwards.

12 26
You Bought Illegal Fireworks

Making fireworks illegal should be illegal. 

15 31
You Fed Your Dog Chocolate

Maybe you didn't know this was a no-no or maybe you were just curious...

15 32
You Took An Egg Out of a Bird's Nest

Just to investigate.

11 27
You Called Your Mom Fat

Without realizing how messed up that is.

14 35
You Ran Around Your Neighborhood Naked

All you knew was that it embarrassed your parents. What could be more fun?

10 29
You Took Rides From Strangers

What's the big deal?

7 32
You Made Fun of Your Mentally Disabled Classmate

"Not her! Why can't you pair me with a normal person?" (Biggest cringe face ever.)

5 30
You Put Something Weird In Your Super Soaker

Pee? Apple juice? Chocolate Milk? 

3 29
You TeePeed Your Teacher's Houses

They definitely saw you.