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The Most Heavy Metal Versions Of The Ghost Rider To Ever Appear In The Pages Of Marvel Comics

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Spirits of vengeance appear in all manner of mythology, but Marvel Spirits of Vengeance are specifically associated with one figure in particular - the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider powers are typically derived from a mortal host bonding with a Spirit of Vengeance, a hookup that is usually facilitated by Mephisto, a Comics Code-friendly version of the Devil.

This adaptable origin story has led to a multitude of Ghost Riders over the years, and Marvel Comics' talented artists have used the character’s fiery power set to depict some seriously heavy metal imagery. One doesn’t need the Penance Stare to take a good hard look at these beautiful renditions of badassery. 

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    The Ghost Rider Of 'Trail Of Tears' Is Suitably Grim

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    Johnny Blaze Is Still The Coolest Ghost Rider In Town

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    Danny Ketch Is A Burning Blue Badass

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    The Ghost Rider Of 1,000,000 BCE Is Wild And Woolly

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