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Brandon Michaels
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Every generation has their weird quirks, social movements, and fads, and millennials are no exception. These young adults grew up in a time marked by quickly evolving technology and crippling economic recession, and those leave their marks. Sure, olds think millennials are killing everything, but that's just because they don't get it. Bad advice from baby boomers doesn't help.

You'd expect older folks to be fed up with the new wave opinions and attitudes of millennials. But surprisingly, even younger people are getting tired of the most millennial things millennials have ever said. The Reddit community has gathered a ton of stories about millennials, from the hilarious to the eye rolling.

Navigating social interactions around the office La Croix dispenser while bouncing on your balance ball chair, all while hangry from your all-natural, gluten-free diet, is exhausting. Kick back and take a break with some of the most millennial sayings you'll ever read.

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The Wage Gap

From Skmchm:

"A younger millennial, I am 30, told me I should be donating my income to women to make up for the wage gap."

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That Bean Bag Chair Atmosphere

From JConsy:

"I am a millennial, but a girl I went on a date with once told me in response to my offer to send her resume around to some people, 'Only send it to places with that bean bag chair and ping pong table in the lounge atmosphere.'

She was serious."

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Technology Panic Attacks

From timethrow95:

"'I get panic attacks if my phone has less than 20% battery and I have no way to charge it.'"

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I Won't Start As A Trainee

From EyeYamKnewHear:

"'I have a degree in business. If I worked for your company, I would expect to start at a director position, not as a trainee.'

She had no experience in the field and thought she should automatically start at a position that took me 3 years to reach."