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People Reveal The Most Millennial Thing A Millennial Has Ever Said To Them

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Every generation has their weird quirks, social movements, and fads, and millennials are no exception. These young adults grew up in a time marked by quickly evolving technology and crippling economic recession, and those leave their marks. Sure, olds think millennials are killing everything, but that's just because they don't get it. Bad advice from baby boomers doesn't help.

You'd expect older folks to be fed up with the new wave opinions and attitudes of millennials. But surprisingly, even younger people are getting tired of the most millennial things millennials have ever said. The Reddit community has gathered a ton of stories about millennials, from the hilarious to the eye rolling.

Navigating social interactions around the office La Croix dispenser while bouncing on your balance ball chair, all while hangry from your all-natural, gluten-free diet, is exhausting. Kick back and take a break with some of the most millennial sayings you'll ever read.

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    I Won't Start As A Trainee

    From EyeYamKnewHear:

    "'I have a degree in business. If I worked for your company, I would expect to start at a director position, not as a trainee.'

    She had no experience in the field and thought she should automatically start at a position that took me 3 years to reach."

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    I Have A Degree

    From mdupre28:

    "'So I had an interview yesterday, and I think it went really well. But they wanted me to work for <decent starting salary> and just file paperwork. I have a degree; I deserve at least <triple salary> and it just seems like stupid tasks, like filing things.'

    This particular person also didn't have a job at the time."

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    The Wage Gap

    From Skmchm:

    "A younger millennial, I am 30, told me I should be donating my income to women to make up for the wage gap."

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    They Didn't Use Glacier Water In My Flat White

    From Plethora_of_squids:

    "In a cafe in the student quarter once, doing homework and drinking a coffee and being visibly pissed at said coffee for not being made properly when a millennial girl wearing the very distinctive millennial outfit for where I live (long, wavy hair dyed either foam green, purple or both, beanie and a tee-shirt with some sort of weird design on it) came up to me and started going on about how yeah, this cafe was kinda bad because they didn't know how flat whites were made (I do admit, that was what I was kinda annoyed by, but I was pissed because their flat white was basically a latte in a tiny cup while she was going on about... not using water from voss/the glacier up north) and that how they didn't use organic milk and that was killing the bees and hey! She was really supportive of the fact that I was lesbian or trans (short hair + no make up = lesbian or trans?) And that I should totally continue being me and is that an economics textbook? Wow, that's real brave of me studying such a messed up and corrupt topic and that the best way to make everyone (even more) socialist was to undermine the economy until we basically had to depend on each other to do anything at all."

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