The Most Mismatched TV Couples

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Television couples that never made much sense, whether currently together or already broken up

List of the most mismatched TV couples. These couples, whether they stayed together, are the ones that make viewers scratch their heads and say, “huh?” Included on this list of TV’s greatest odd couples are the ones that either make no sense or would probably never happen in real life.

 The reasons why a TV couple feels mismatched are numerous. Often, it’s a case of physical differences, which might be termed the ‘beauty and the beast’ couple. Other mismatched TV couples are made up of two people from different generations, financial backgrounds, or social standings. Sometimes it’s a combination, as in the case of Jay and Gloria from Modern Family. Of course, some mismatched TV romances aren’t comprised of partners different in looks or age, but in personality. For instance, he’s fiery tempered, she’s peaceful. Or, he is introspective, while she loves to socialize.

No matter the type of mismatching, in the case of TV couples, mismatched doesn’t necessarily mean incompatible. Many mismatched TV couples stay together, with the partners’ idiosyncrasies and differences providing balance. Others stay together for a while, only to find that their differences are unresolvable. Sometimes these scenarios are heartbreaking; other times, viewers are glad that the couple broke up.

Who do you think is the weirdest, most unlikely couple in TV history? This list contains the oddest couples on TV, from dramas to sitcoms to animated shows. Whether you love these pairings or hate them, you can’t deny they’re the ones that have made history as TV’s most ill-matched couples.
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