NBA Players Who Played For 8 Or More Teams

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With free agency and super teams and everything else that goes into building a title contender in the NBA, players move around to different teams more than ever. Some players, of course, move around more than others, and all of these athletes have played for eight or more NBA franchises.

Chucky Brown, Jim Jackson, Tony Massenburg, and Joe Smith are all tied for record for most NBA franchises played for at 12. Remarkably, Brown accomplished the feat in just 13 seasons in the league, joining nine teams for stints of one season or less. 

Some players are often traded, while others are journeymen who went from franchise to franchise and filled in where they could. Surprising names on this list include Hall of Famer Moses Malone, who played for nine different franchises, and three-time NBA champion Shaun Livingston, who bounced around to nine different teams. 

So check out this list of players with the most franchises played for, and vote up the NBA talents who maintained their success while playing for multiple teams. Help decide the best NBA player to play for eight or more teams in his career.

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