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The Most Obvious Celebrity Plastic Surgery

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The most obvious celebrity plastic surgery cases include many of our favorite celebrities, who for one reason or another, have undergone plastic surgery and fooled no one in the process. A simple nip, tuck, or augmentation is typical for many Hollywood stars, but these celebrities took plastic surgery procedures to a scary new level.

Perhaps the most obvious plastic surgery-loving celebrity was King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Fans cringed as MJ underwent numerous procedures during his life, including repeated nose jobs. Added with his vitiligo, which lightened his skin tone, the Michael Jackson everyone knew when he was growing up compared to the Michael Jackson prior to his death were nearly unrecognizable.

Like Michael Jackson, others on this list are clearly celebrities addicted to plastic surgery. Joan Rivers admits to numerous procedures, as does reality television personality Heidi Montag. Even some on this list are only famous for their extreme plastic surgery procedures, such as "Cat Woman" Jocelyn Wildenstein.

So whether these celebrities simply had a routine procedure that went awry, like Lisa Rinna with her lip injections or Tara Reid's botched breast augmentation and liposuction, they have spent their entire life nipping and tucking, like supermodel Janice Dickinson or fashion mogul Donatella Versace, or just those who likely had nose jobs, all fall into the category of having the most obvious celebrity plastic surgery.
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