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The Most Offensive Best Picture Oscar Wins

Updated June 22, 2020 23.1k views12 items
Movies that won Best Picture oscars and didn't deserve them.
  • I waited to watch this movie long after it hit DVD. God, how everyone raved about it... and that made me suspicious. Watched it and immediately lost whatever remained of my faith in the mainstream's taste levels.

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  • See: Seinfeld, Elaine.
  • Sure the fight scenes were kind of good... but this movie's pacing made me want to kill myself. I GET that we needed to understand his relationship with Girl In Flowy Dress, but seriously...20 minutes? Did we have to watch them run around the woods together in realtime? Also... don't think it could have been more over the top in the end. Not actually possible to get much hammier than that. Oh, wait... Diane Lane's giant floating head in the sky at the end of Perfect Storm. That could possibly be hammier.

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  • Gladiator is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Most Offensive Best Picture Oscar Wins
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    Aww, soft spot for this. It is what it is. But Best Picture? This movie beat Traffic? Sheesh.

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