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The 13 Most One-Sided Anime Fights That Weren't Even Close

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Sometimes, it seems like all of the truly dramatic anime fights are down to the wire skirmishes where it's not clear until the very end who will win. While there's nothing inherently wrong with these close calls, no one wants to see the same kind of battle over and over again. Sometimes, what you want is to watch one person absolutely trounce their opponent because they're just that much more powerful. 

One-sided anime fights appear in most shonen series, including One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, and more. They also appear in most serious and disturbing shows like Berserk - and those scenes are a heck of a lot gorier. When the person curb-stomping their enemy is a hero, as is the case when Luffy takes out Bellamy with a single punch, it's an awesome moment that makes viewers cheer for the hero. When the one taking out their enemies with no effort is the villain, as is the case with Madara when he goes up against the Shinobi Alliance, it shows what kind of danger the heroes are up against. 

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    Natsu Learns A Lesson From Gildarts in 'Fairy Tail'

    As part of the exam he must pass to become an S-Class mage, Natsu faces off against Gildarts. Gildarts is so much stronger than Natsu that the reason he claimed to be "unprepared" for Natsu's attack was that he had to tone down his powers enough that he'd be able to avoid completely wrecking Natsu. Natsu is able to at least force Gildarts into activating his magic, but he still barely makes a dent in his defenses, and Gildarts' powers are obviously beyond anything that Natsu can handle, and he surrenders.

    Luckily for him, giving up was exactly what he needed to do for Gildarts to pass him on to the next part of the exam. To Gildarts, what's important is not whether Natsu is strong enough to beat him - he knows he isn't. What's important is that he know his own limitations and make an appropriate decision based on those limits.

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    Mirio Togata Shocks Class 1-A With His Power In 'My Hero Academia'

    At the end of Season 3, Class 1-2 meets The Big Three - seniors at their school who have distinguished themselves as some of the greatest in-training heroes that school has to offer. In order to demonstrate his abilities and give his juniors a challenge, Mirio Togata offers to fight the entire class. The only person who is able to make any headway whatsoever is Izuku - everyone else is defeated almost instantly, without being able to figure out anything about what his quirk might be. At the end of the fight which leaves the entire class defeated and exhausted, he explains that his quirk is Permeation, an ability that allows him to phase through matter at will.

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    Saitama Only Needs One Punch To Defeat The Deep Sea King In 'One Punch Man'

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    The whole premise of One Punch Man relies on the fact that the main character can defeat anyone with a single punch, which means that all of his fights are pretty one-sided. That being said, some of his fights highlight this more dramatically than others. The Deep Sea King seemed like a nearly undefeatable foe - especially once a rainstorm dramatically increased his strength. Despite putting in their best efforts, even A and S class heroes like Genos were unable to make any headway.

    When Saitama shows up, he wastes the Deep Sea King with a single punch. Even though this is a predictable outcome, it's still supremely satisfying to watch.

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    Monkey D. Luffy Leaves A Dent In Bellamy's Face In 'One Piece' 

    Luffy's battle with the arrogant Bellamy proved to be one of the most satisfying moments of One Piece. As Bellamy bounces around with the power of his Boing Boing fruit, he maliciously mocks Luffy, his comrades, and his goals. Despite the crowd and Bellamy jeering at him, Luffy doesn't react until Bellamy actually comes close - and then he knocks him out cold with a single punch that leaves a dent in the side of his face. This satisfying moment really encapsulates what Luffy is capable of. 

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