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Keshvar Alikhani
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Celebrities: can't live with them, can't keep them away from the Internet. This is the ultimate list of odd, offensive, and just plain outrageous celebrity tweets of 2014. Kardashians? Check. Child stars? Check. Donald Trump? Obviously. 

From Amanda Bynes's scary rants to Rihanna's attempts to free Palestine via Twitter, this list packs all of 2014's most ridiculous celeb tweets into one, crazy-filled place. Remember that insensitive DiGiorno Twitter fiasco? Or Pat Sajak's weird rant against global warming advocates? We do!

When it comes to social media, some of our favorite stars just can't be trusted. Check out the year's most insane celebrity tweets from some of the hottest actors, musicians and athletes around below!
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Khloe Kardashian

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Apparently, Klueless Khloe Kardashian found this offensive and racist meme too delightful not to share. She posted it on her Instagram and Twitter accounts with the caption, "'True.' Get it?"

Yes, Khloe. We get it. But you probably want to skip the terrible KKK jokes in the future. 

Source: Gawker
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Donald Trump

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Donald Trump may be an authority on casinos, reality TV-hosting, and the perfect toupee glue for any situation, but he's no expert on ebola.

That didn't stop him from ranting against President Obama for allowing American ebola patients to be brought home to the US for treatment. 

Source: USA Today

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Shia LaBeouf

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Wait. What? Noted famous person Shia LaBeouf made this odd claim on his Twitter account in early 2014, before going on to star alongside Brad Pitt in the mega-blockbuster, Fury


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Amanda Bynes

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Over the years, Amanda Bynes's Twitter feed has been a source of concern for fans who've watched her deterioration due to mental illness. Before being placed on psychiatric hold and going public about being bi-polar, the former child star shocked followers with claims that she'd been abused by her dad. 

Her tweets backtracking on the dark allegations were even more concerning. Bynes blamed them on the "microchip" in her brain. 


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