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20 OP Fighting Game Characters Who Have Been (Or Should Be) Banned

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Only characters you can actually play as. Non-playable characters like main bosses don't count.

Fighting games often have a ton of characters, and in order to make the games fun and appealing to fans, those characters need to come with some balance. Having one character who's 10 times stronger or faster than the rest doesn't make for a great game — even if you're the one who picks that character, each and every time. Sure, it'd be fun for a bit, but after a while the novelty of being practically invincible wears a little thin. That's why devs are constantly trying to work out a proper balance between characters to prevent that from happening.

While balancing the playing field is certainly the goal, it isn't often the reality. Sooner or later, gamers discover that one of the characters is, in fact, OP when compared to the rest, and this can lead to difficult gameplay, which is especially true when you consistently get beaten by your buddy just because they got to the character first. Every popular fighting game tends to have at least one of these terribly overpowered characters — whether it's their abilities, their style, or some gameplay glitch that was previously undiscovered — and this list identifies the most ridiculously powerful and strongest fighting game characters of the bunch.

Whether they were so insanely overpowered they were actually banned or are so strong gamers keep petitioning to ban them, check out some of the most popular fighting characters who are ridiculously and unfairly overpowered.