The Most Overrated NBA Players Today

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Who are the most overrated NBA players right now? NBA players often get criticized by fans and the media for not earning the praise they get in some basketball circles. There are varying degrees of overrated when the term is used for NBA players. Many fans believe LeBron James is overrated for not winning every NBA Finals he's played in, although often he found himself in the inferior side. But who is the most overrated player in the NBA today?

Players like Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Kyle Kuzma each get the overrated label due to playoff failures, huge contracts, or just being talked up more than their games can back up. All the most overrated players in the NBA will be featured here to choose from. Expectations are high for every player in the league, and the overrated label gets applied to players who can't live up to the hype.

Vote up the players you personally believe get too much praise in the NBA world. Help decide the ranking order with your picks as only the most overrated basketball players today should be the ones at the top of the list. Then head on over and check out the most hated NBA players today.

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