Graveyard Shift Fans Share The Classic Horror Films They Think Are Actually Awful

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There is absolutely no shortage of amazing horror movies out there for people to watch. Since the early days of filmmaking, horror has been one of the most popular genres to explore. Every decade is packed with terrifying gems for fans to sink their claws into. Alfred Hitchcock is still considered one of the greatest horror directors of all time, and his movies are shown to new audiences every year. But not everyone agrees on which horror movies are actually worth all the hype. Graveyard Shift fans are talking about the classic horror films they think are actually awful, and we were honestly surprised by their answers. Which of these beloved horror films do you also think is overrated? 

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

  • From Facebook commenter Jamie D:

    I've got to go with Children of the Corn.

    From Facebook commenter Mike E:

    Children of The Corn. Kids are not scary or threatening in any way. Unless you're their parent... That responsibility is terrifying.

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    From Facebook commenter Ryan D:

    The first Hellraiser was not that good.

    From Facebook commenter Kristin C:

    Hellraiser and anything to do with Pinhead. That includes Cabin in the Woods, but that’s not a classic.

  • From Facebook commenter Cheryl J:

    I don’t know if The Blair Witch Project is considered a classic but all that moving camera just made me feel sick. It didn’t scare me at all.

    From Facebook commenter Ed J:

    BW was one of the worst movies ever made…

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    From Facebook commenter Matt F:

    I hate to say it, Poltergeist really didn’t hold up.

    From Facebook commenter Peter A:

    Such a boring, long, needlessly drawn-out movie. 

  • From Facebook commenter Michael S-L:

    The entire Friday the 13th catalog can go right in the trash on garbage day.

    From Facebook commenter Scott M:

    Totally 100% agree. I myself am not a fan of watching people being slaughtered. Give me a good ghost story or psychological horror film any day. The Others may not constitute a ‘classic horror film’ but it's my personal favorite for atmosphere, dialogue, creepiness and the plot.

  • From Facebook commenter Brandon G:

    Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve tried giving it a handful of tries, but it’s incredibly boring. Probably one of the dullest and least frightening “scary” movies I’ve ever watched. And I don’t understand why Ruth Gordon got an Academy Award for her rather unspectacular performance as a nosy neighbor… it’s not a bad performance, but not really award-worthy. The other nominations from that year must have been truly terrible.