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11 Reasons Logan Is Totally Overrated  

Jacob Shelton
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Logan is not only being touted as the greatest of all the Marvel movies, but it’s also being called one of the best superhero movies of all time. In fact, it is already being tossed around as the first superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture. But does it deserve all of the praise? Are people just high off a comic book movie that doesn’t play into the basest, adolescent instincts? Yes.

Logan is a pretty good movie, but it doesn’t compare to the movies it’s been inspired by. Really, some of the most noteworthy things about the movie just aren’t worth getting worked up over. Rather than flying into a berserker rage over your love of the man with a set of knife-hands, keep reading and discover all of the truly overrated things about Logan.

All of the Wolverine movies have been surrounded by hype that they can’t live up to, but Logan feels like it’s in the center of some of the most intense blind praise that’s ever been placed on a film. Honestly, it might crumble under the pressure. If you’ve seen Logan you know that James Mangold and Hugh Jackman went out of their way to make a film that feels important (even if it’s just about a guy with knife-hands who has a permanent passport to frown town), but does Logan deliver on being the best movie about a sad dad? Or will comic book movie fans be dealing with a severe case of buyer’s remorse come the onslaught of faux-western comic book movies that are sure to follow in Logan’s wake? 

Also, MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Logan. Because of course there are. 

Oh, Wow, Wolverine Fights An Evil Version Of Himself... Again
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Why can't writers think of a good bad guy for Wolverine to fight? For X2, everyone's favorite diminutive Canadian fought Lady Deathstrike, basically a female Japanese variant of Wolverine. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan fought pretty much every member of the Weapon-X program (like Sabertooth and the stupidest possible iteration of Deadpool), who were also essentially bad guy versions of Wolverine. They even had claws!

Make no mistake, the Weapon-X program is a big part of Logan's backstory. But there are plenty of more interesting villains for Logan to face. The choice of having Wolverine battle himself (spoiler alert: he literally has to fight a young version of himself wearing a black t-shirt) works thematically, but audiences have seen it before. 

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How Many Times Do We Need To Watch Patrick Stewart Die?
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Professor Xavier's death in Logan feels like a bit of a mulligan on the lackluster death that he suffered in X3: The Last Stand (probably the worst date movie ever, for what it's worth). 

While his death serves an important narrative function within the story of Logan (and it provides the film's one WTF moment), it's hard not to think about the scene in the context of Patrick Stewart believing that he should be sent off in a more appropriate way. Let's hope that Professor X stays dead until someone new picks up the mantle

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This Might Have Just Been A Set Up For An X-Babies Movie
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The end of Logan culminates in a brutal fight between Wolverine, his angsty clone, an evil government, and a bunch of kids with super powers who escape to Canada after burying the film's hero. It's the only ending that this movie can have, anything else would have felt like Mangold balked at his brutal vision. But what if the entire thing was a trick?

Does the end of the film seem like a backdoor pilot for a new series of teenage X-Men movies that follow the Weapon-X babies on their trip through the Great White North? It seems so soul-sucking and cash-grabbing that it's definitely going to come true. This is why we can't have nice things. 

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The Dialogue Is Pretty Terrible
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Thank goodness Logan is more about the space in-between the dialogue than the actual words themselves, because when the characters do talk they're mostly dispensing exposition that would feel right at home in basically every other superhero movie. From the constant discussion about Chekov's adamantium bullet, to the classic bad guy patter, and X-23's final dialogue of "Daddy..." Tarantino-esque it ain't. 

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