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Here Are The 16 Most Painful Injuries Someone Can Experience

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Nobody likes to get hurt, but plenty of people have spent time contemplating the most painful types of damage our bodies can incur. Like the urge to poke at a bruise, pain can be an enthralling subject. What really are the most painful afflictions you can experience - the most searing, white-hot traumas your body can suffer?

There's no part of the body that's safe. From shoulder dislocations to broken tailbones to compound fractures, these physical impairments don't discriminate. If you're engaged in extreme sports or just strolling down the street, they can still come out of nowhere and cause something you'd never want to Google.

  • Testicular Torsion

    Testicular torsion even sounds painful. This happens when a testicle rotates and twists the spermatic cord, which takes blood to the scrotum. The decrease in flow ends up resulting in severe pain and swelling. And if it goes untreated, it can cause the irreversible deterioration of the testicle.

    Immediate surgery is often required to untwist the cord, which in and of itself is painful.

  • Burns

    Defined as any damage to your tissues caused by heat, burns can also result from chemicals, radiation, electricity, and sunlight. Anyone who's had to take a first aid class is at least a little familiar with the three types of burns.

    Third-degree burns are the worst of the bunch, damaging the deepest layers of skin and even internal tissue. Second-degree burns damage both the outer and inner layer of skin. First-degree burns occur when you do something like step outside while living in Arizona; sometimes, you just can't avoid them.

    Bad burns cause blistering and swelling and, in serious cases, shock. Antibiotic creams are usually used to prevent infection. 

  • Mandible Dislocation

    Mandible dislocations occur when some external force displaces the mandibular condyle away from the articular groove inside the temporal bone. Essentially, your jaw pops out of its socket. As with breathing and a broken rib, the pain from this is amplified by the fact that any motion in your mouth can make it feel even worse.

    Most of the time, the dislocation can be managed and reduced after a doctor resets it. This damage can also end up forcing folks to consult a facial surgeon to fully recover. 

  • Popped Eardrums

    Ruptured eardrums are certainly among the most hair-raising types of physical damage around. Medically known as tympanic membrane perforation, ruptured eardrums are tears or tiny holes in the flimsy tissue that separates your ear canal from your eardrum. They're also central to allowing us to hear. A popped eardrum hurts a lot, but it can also cause hearing loss, nausea, and dizziness.

    Like many tricky physical complications, there's not much you can do to recover from a ruptured eardrum besides wait and let it recover on its own. In some cases, surgery is necessary.